Hair Tools
Hair extensions are required to be properly cared for to ensure that they can lasts long.
Our hair extensions protective tools helps to ensure they are well maintained.


Retouching Brush
“Tame your Tresses”
Meet the tool that is redefining every woman’s hair care routine.

Fitted with a set of soft bristles that have been expertly designed to effectively remove even the toughest of tangles and smooth the hair, The Retrush is just what your delicate tresses need.

Smooth out your hair extensions and detangle every knot effortlessly by holding the brush in different angles as you comb through the hair. True to its name, the Retouching Brush helps you Retouch your extensions, keeping them soft and tangle-free, ready to be worn on the next occasion for a fabulous hair day.


Give your precious locks a Satin Touch!
The soft and gentle texture of the satin helps to store the hair extensions once they have been rolled up in the hairnet after use every use. The dust bag is great for keeping the extensions free from any dust and tangles, ensuring that your precious tresses are maintained in top form.

It is also a handy and essential tool for active ladies who regularly travel, undertake adventurous activities or head to the gym while wearing their clip in hair extensions. After removing the extensions prior to their activity, they can store them in the Satin dust bag, and then go ahead with their day with a peace of mind that their locks are stored in a clean and cool place.