Hair Extensions
why custom made hair extensions?
Extensions are not one size fits all! Hair extensions, which are mass-produced usually come in standard dimensions; thus, can appear disconnected and unnatural on the wearer. Every woman has specific hair needs and a unique style. We know that in order for the hairpiece to match a woman’s features and personality to give the most natural appearance, the hairpiece requires a personalized touch. MONTARA’s bespoke hair extensions are designed exclusively for you, to give you the perfect fit and accentuate your true beauty, leaving you feeling confident and proud.
how does
hair extensions
differ from lace
front wigs?
Lace front wig is a piece that goes over the scalp, concealing the entire scalp of the person; whereas hair extensions are attached to the own natural hair of the wearer. The lace front wig gives a complete transformation to the look of the wearer, whereas hair extensions uplifts the appearance of the natural hair; thus, retaining the natural look of the wearer.

As lace front wigs conceal the entire scalp, the sweat and heat trapped underneath can cause headaches, scalp irritation, dandruff, and hair loss if the wigs are used frequently and extensively. On the other hand, hair extensions cause zero damage, as they are merely tools attached to existing hair. The scalp is left exposed, providing proper ventilation to the scalp and hair.
Look and Feel, Natural

The perfect hair extension is undetectable, seamlessly blends with your own hair and should fit so well that no one will ever be able to tell that you got extensions on. It should look like it’s your own natural hair. It’s not just about the look! Great hair extensions should also make you feel entirely natural. Our personalized hair extensions promise you comfort and assurance of a natural appeal and sensation.
personalized designer hair in
just 4 simple steps
Step 1
choose a matching
hair series
Step 1
Pick a series that has texture closest to your own natural hair.
Step 2
pick your desired
hair color
Step 1
For a natural look, select the tone closest to your natural hair.

For a two-tone effect, you can choose a contrasting tone.
Step 3
select your
preferred hairstyle
Step 1
Choose a hairstyle that complements your face and accentuates your features.

Refer to HAIR ARTISTRY to find a style that complements you best.
Step 4
decide on
the hair length
Step 1
Decide on the length of your hair extensions.
do you want to discover
your own style?
Our extension stylist will assess your hair and recommend
different extensions for you to try on to find your best fit!
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