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MONTARA hair extensions are made from raw synthetic hair fabric that is imported from all over the world. Each hair material is produced according to a specified composition of different materials such as nylon, polyester, silk, spandex, cotton and wool. This is done to achieve different hair textures for our different hair series, ranging from silky, to matte-silky and coarse.


The extensions are stitched together in Singapore, according to each custom order’s requirement, by local teams of experienced and professional seamstresses. This team is well versed in garment merchandising and stitches each hair extension by sewing machine, with the most intricate areas of stitching done by hand.



It depends. If you are simply taking a nap with your head down, like on a desk, it is completely safe and will not do your extensions any damage. However, any sleeping position that requires you to lie down on your back, or allows your hair extensions to lay under you causes risk of damage both to you and your hair extensions. So sleeping on your bed with the extensions should be avoided at all times. Here is why:

- The clips on the hair extensions are metal and clipped to the roots of your hair. When you are sleeping, the movement of your head and body against the bed causes the extensions and their clip-ins to pull at your hair. This traction is risky, and can cause headaches as well as break your natural hair.

- When you sleep with your extensions, you also run the risk of getting the extensions tangled with your real hair. You find yourself waking up with knotted, matted hair that will be extremely difficult to brush and untangle.


Unfortunately not. These hair extensions are made of synthetic hair fiber, so it is not recommended to wash them. The pH level of commercial shampoos might be too high for the synthetic fibers and may cause them to lose their smoothness and softness.

As long as you religiously leave your extensions out to air dry, after every use, you do not need to worry about the hygiene of the extensions. These extensions have been made with microfiber lace, which is porous and allows good ventilation and air to pass through the fibers and prevents any odours. Thus, the extensions do not require any form of washing.

If you want to make sure that your extensions continue smelling their best, gently spray any hair mist on the hair, concentrating along the wefts, since that is the one closest in contact with your scalp.


It is best to avoid any form of heat on the extensions. Synthetic hair fibres are not heat friendly, and do not take high temperatures well. They also don’t respond to heat like our natural hair, as their properties are quite different. Keep away from any heating tools, such as flat-irons, curling wands and blow-dryers. Doing this can cause your precious extensions to be damaged, burnt or even melt!


No, they cannot be dyed. They do not have the properties of real human hair to absorb colour, and attempting to dye your extensions will only make them damaged or unusable.


Different hair series are made of different hair fabric, which has different durability. The extensions’ lifespan depends on the intensity and frequency of usage. If properly cared for and maintained, on average this is how long the extensions can last:

If worn once a month, they can last for more than a year.

If worn every fortnight, they can last between 6 - 8 months.

If worn every single day, they can last between 2 - 4 months.

The wearer’s lifestyle, such as constantly being outdoors and perspiring, can cause the extensions to wear out faster compared to someone in an air conditioned indoor environment.

Yes, you certainly can. These hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be used to create any kind of hairdo, such as an elegant or a messy bun, French plait, Elsa plait, ponytail, half-half updo, or any other hairstyle that you wish. It will not damage the hair extensions in any way as long you perform the 3-step hair care routine after every use.

Professional tools have been used to set the styles (straight, wavy and curly) on the hair permanently, so you can safely go ahead and play around with these extensions to create any hairstyle you desire.


You can refer to MONTARA’S ABC HAIR GUIDE to learn how to care for and maintain your hair extensions.


Obviously, they will and it’s completely normal. Even our natural hair gets messy and tangled daily.

Similarly, worn out hair extensions rub with your natural hair, producing friction and tangles. When you are out and about, your hair bounces around, is exposed to heat, wind and pollution, which causes natural tangles.

However, our hair fiber material will cause much fewer tangles than normal. Any tangles that do occur can be easily removed by using a detangling brush. Brushing your hair out a few times throughout the day is enough to keep the extensions soft and smooth.

We cannot promise you no tangles, but we can give you our word that they will be manageable.



You are advised to refer to the “4 Step Customization Guide,” a step-by-step guide on how to pick an extension that looks most natural on you. If you require assistance, you are most welcome to approach us and we will be glad to guide you through the process.


• Length

The length of the hair extensions can be customized to any specified hair length.

• Style

From the range of styles available for the particular hair series you have selected, you can select any particular hairstyle you want for your hair extensions.

• Volume

You can select how thick you want the hair to be, from the thickness options available. Each series has it’s own thickness options.

Other specifications, such as the width of the weft and the number of snap clips on the extensions, cannot be altered, as they are designed for the best design fit for each hair series.

Here are some tips that might help:

Hair material: Instead of choosing one that you particularly fancy, pick a hair series that has the texture closest to your own natural hair.

Length: If you wish to increase your length, try to go for a length between 5 - 15 cm. It’s advisable to avoid selecting a length that is drastically long.

Color: Pick a hair shade that closely resembles your own hair to ensure the extensions blend well with your hair.

Styling: If you do not wish to pre-style your hair before using the hair extensions, select styles close to your own natural hair. If you have the luxury of time and can commit to pre-styling before every use, pick any hairstyle that you desire and experiment.

If you need assistance, you can always drop by our studio and we can work with you to pick the most natural looking hair extension for you.



Clip in hair extensions are completely safe and do not damage your natural hair. Moreover, each set is customized to a specific volume to suit fine, medium or thick hair accordingly. This ensures that each kind of hair can comfortably hold a specific weight without causing any strain or pressure to the hair roots. Thus, anyone can safely use all extensions every day.


Scalp conditions, like eczema or dandruff, are absolutely fine. In fact, Tara herself has had eczema on her scalp since she was a child and assures all that these extensions are safe and friendly to even the most sensitive scalp. However, you may want to think twice about sharing your extensions with someone who has a bacterial or fungal scalp infection. Or, if you have such an infection yourself, avoid sharing extensions with another person. These conditions can be transmitted, so practice caution.

As for hair conditions, like alopecia, hair loss and balding, it largely depends on the severity of the hair condition, so a single answer isn’t possible. For these types of cases, it’s best for us to take a look at your hair first and then advise you on whether it’s safe and suitable for you to wear the extensions.



We offer custom-made, synthetic hair extensions. Our extensions are made for temporary use only and they come in different clip-in designs.

We do not offer synthetic hair wigs as part of our hair collection.

We also do not offer permanent hair extension services, such as braiding and taping, hair coloring, hair cutting, perming or personal makeovers.

If you require hairstyling service with the hair extensions, you are requested to arrange for your own make-up artist or hair stylist to work on your hair with our hair extensions.


You can book an appointment by selecting your choice of preferred date and time of arrival from the appointment page here. Our team will contact you once your appointment has been booked and a slot reserved. Kindly ensure that your hairstyle and color is in the form it will be when you start wearing the hair extensions.

Hair style
Please ensure that your hair is in its most natural form - straight or curly - before you come for an appointment. Do not alter the appearance by using a flat iron or a curling iron. This will make it difficult to find the best matching material for your hair.

If you plan to colour your hair, please do so before coming for the appointment so we can pick the right tone for the hair extensions.


You can place an order online by simply filling out the order form by clicking your preferred options on the collections page. Once we receive your order, we will get in touch with you within 3 business days to confirm all the specifications and proceed with payment. If you would like to try the extensions first before you purchase them, or need a professional consultation on what style, colour and/or type of extensions might be best for you, you can make an appointment and drop by our hair studio to try our hair extensions and then place an order.

Please read our terms and conditions before proceeding to place an order.


It depends on the custom requirements, and the number of orders on which we are working when order is placed. As the extensions are custom made, we can only start working on the design after the order is placed. Allow at least 1-3 days for the extensions to be tailor-made. During holiday seasons, the lead-time might be slightly longer. We will let you know the exact date when the extensions will be ready during order confirmation.

Once your order is ready, you can self-collect it immediately, or wait for 2 - 3 days before it reaches you via local mailing or doorstep delivery. For international orders, the delivery time is approximately 8-16 days, but this varies according to the destination country, shipping option selected and other custom clearances.


The consultation session is complimentary and there are no charges. The main purpose of the consultation is to find out which style suits you best by helping you try on different extensions and to help you learn about all the different aspects of clip in hair extensions and how they can help you achieve your desired.



We have different payment methods for local and overseas orders. For local orders, we accept ATM Bank Transfer and Internet Banking. For overseas orders, we accept payments through PayPal (subjected to surcharges) only.



We ship local orders by SMARTPAC mailing service, which costs $3.20 and $3.80 for up to 600 grams and 1kg respectively. You can opt for door-to-door delivery service which ranges between $6 - $10 depending on the destination. Self-collection is available at our studio, once the hair extensions are ready.

Internationally, we deliver to Asian countries via Overseas Registered Article (Airmail), Fedex or DHL, which can be tracked with the shipping reference number. Shipping methods and pricing will be advised during order confirmation.



Your voice is important to us. To get in touch with us, simply click here to be directed to our contact information. MONTARA is fully committed to providing the best support to our customers, so get in touch with us without hesitation.