The journey of MONTARA began with an unexpected discovery when Tara, the founder of the brand, had to doll her friend, who was dismayed with a bad haircut, for an important event. Tara tried to do her best with ready-made hair extensions, but was disappointed that the extensions failed to give the most natural look.

She started sourcing for hair material and began stitching a piece for her friend. The piece worked out fabulously, and people began to approach her for tailored hair extensions. Tara was amazed at the boost this simple enhancement in exterior beauty gave to a woman’s self-esteem and encouraged her to embark on a journey to create custom-made hair extensions – and MONTARA was born!
MONTARA’s Brand slogan– Discover, Embrace and Inspire where every woman should discover what form of style complements her best. Embrace it wholeheartedly and inspire other women to do so. When one inspires another, this cycle will eventually lead to every woman feeling beautiful and proud of herself.
Craft out your own signature style based on your physical attributes and personality.
Embrace your unique beauty and express your individuality infinitely.
Radiate with confidence and inspire other women to create their own personal style and shine their best.
MONTARA started with a single hair material and a narrow selection of colors and hairstyles. Today in our catalogue, we have a vast collection of hair materials, a whole palette of hair colors and numerous hairstyles. Our hair materials are sourced from different countries around the globe. Our team, who custom make the extensions, consists of highly skilled professionals, who are well versed in weaving, pattern making and stitching.